The Energy Cooperative of America, Inc. (ECA) is pleased to announce that we are offering our New York State customers a Demand Response Program in conjunction with the New York Independent Systems Operator (NYISO). The Energy Cooperative will offer our clients the highest level of satisfaction in demand response planning and execution.

Electric demand increases caused by storms, heat waves, periodic power plant repairs, increased end user consumption, and population growth have the potential to affect New York’s supply and demand for electricity. When demand is high and supply is short, power interruptions can sometimes be the result. Building enough power plants to satisfy every possible supply and demand scenario is one possibility, but the cost and environmental impact of that would be tremendous.

Demand response programs offer us fiscally and environmentally responsible ways to respond to occasional and temporary peak demand periods. The programs offer incentives to businesses that participate by temporarily reducing their electricity load when demand needs could outpace supply.

Demand response programs are designed to enable customers to contribute to energy load reduction (decreasing usage or using onsite generator) during times of peak demand between the hours of 11AM to 6PM.

The Energy Cooperative’s Demand Response Program offers financial incentives for load reduction during times of peak demand. Basically, this is a guaranteed revenue stream for having the ability to curtail your electric load if you are called upon during electric grid high-demand periods.

Joe Mascaro

CEO Executive Director


Joe will be happy to provide you with further details regarding this program.

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