With 7,500 members in 10 utility territories across New York State and Pennsylvania, Energy Cooperative of America is proudly celebrating its 20th anniversary, a surprise to skeptics who didn’t believe a not-for-profit energy company could survive in the profit-first industry.

Building on these two decades of success, ECA is launching a new brand campaign titled Positive Energy. A nod to the company’s core values as a not-for-profit energy supplier, the campaign expresses Positive Energy as the type of energy that ECA runs on, being a company that genuinely cares about its customers and the welfare of the area’s economy. In positioning itself this way, ECA also poses the question: Why pay more when you can get the same thing — and with better customer service — for less? Partnering with Rochester-based advertising firm JAY Marketing & Communications for brand creative and media services.

Transparency. Honesty. Accountability. Flexibility. These are some of the guiding principles steering ECA’s direction, allowing them to provide the superior service and savings with which they’ve become synonymous. Since the company’s inception, they have saved members $46 million dollars, thanks to its “strength in numbers” strategy, which has consistently outperformed the regulated utilities in New York, and by keeping overhead and marketing costs at a minimum, instead relying on positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

When the mission isn’t about stock value or the company bottom line, but rather about providing customers gas and electricity at the lowest possible cost, there are no conflicts between shareholders and customers, no impediments to passing along the greatest possible savings in a deregulated market. Driven to succeed in this fashion is what sets ECA apart from the competition and will allow it to remain the best source for low-cost energy.

“I’m proud to work with an organization that has a 20-year legacy of serving the community by providing low cost energy with the highest level of service,” says Joseph Mascaro, Energy Cooperative of America’s Executive Director.  “As a not for profit, the Energy Cooperative of America is competitive while maintaining its commitment to the people and businesses it serves.”

And as the only truly not-for-profit retail energy marketer and service provider in the energy industry, Energy Cooperative of America has no reason to charge above-market rates. In fact, everything in its open-book business model is geared toward delivering the best prices and greatest benefits to members.

For more information about ECA, please visit To speak to an on-staff expert directly about your commercial energy usage, email the Cooperative at or call (716) 580-3506.